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Freeway Blog

  • 15th March 2019

    MOT Test - Frequently Asked Questions

    Find Out Everything You Need to Know About the MOT Test!   What does MOT stand for? MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. They are responsible...

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  • 25th February 2019

    Things to Check Before Taking Your Car for its MOT

    We all have to take our car to the MOT centre once a year and it can sometimes be costly if things aren’t looked after properly. We have conducted...

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  • 23rd January 2019

    Free Winter Check For Your Car

    Why Does My Car Need a Winter Check? During the winter, the road and weather conditions can be particularly poor. Various parts of your car can be affected...

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  • 15th November 2018

    Car Maintenance in the Winter

    Winter is getting closer and closer each day. Darker evenings, shorter days and colder weather. It’s never a fun task to drive in winter conditions,...

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  • 18th October 2018

    Basic Car Service vs Full Car Service

    Basic Service vs Full Service – Which Do I Choose? Getting your car serviced is important. It is recommended that your car is serviced every 12,000...

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  • 14th September 2018

    Importance of the MOT Test

    // Importance of the MOT test - Why Does Your Vehicle Need One? If you own a car or any other vehicle, you’ll know that the vehicle is...

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  • 14th September 2018

    Car Servicing Tunbridge Wells

    Car Servicing Tunbridge Wells Cars need to be looked after to ensure that they reach their full potential and last for many years to come. A car service...

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  • 28th August 2018

    Car Garage Tunbridge Wells

    The Best Car Garage in Tunbridge Wells Are you searching for ‘Car Garage Tunbridge Wells’? If so, perhaps consider Freeway Exhaust & Tyre...

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  • 19th July 2018

    Milltek Exhausts

    The exhaust of your car is highly important when it comes to the general running of it. An exhaust system has a few different functions which ensure that...

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  • 12th July 2018

    Car Repairs Tunbridge Wells

    Car Repairs Tunbridge Wells - Freeway Exhaust & Tyre Centre  It is always a struggle when something goes wrong with your car as you will want...

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  • 27th June 2018

    Mechanic Tunbridge Wells

    Mechanic Tunbridge Wells - Freeway Exhaust & Tyre Centre Around 50% of the population hold a driving licence, so it is fair to assume that a large...

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  • 26th June 2018

    Scorpion Exhausts

    Scorpion Exhausts - Freeway Exhaust & Tyre Centre  At Freeway Exhaust and Tyre Centre, we replace and repair many different types of exhausts...

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