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Exhaust Repair & Replacement Service in Tunbridge Wells

Our exhaust repair and replacement service is fast & affordable and we’ve been fixing exhausts for over 40 years. With car manufacturers releasing new vehicle models every quarter, you’ll find that each exhaust system is bespoke. We specialise in exhaust repairs for a wide range of vehicles so just get in touch for information, advice or to book a repair. 

At Freeway, we use industry leading brands; Klarius and Walker for most of our exhaust replacements. We even offer a two-year warranty on all our exhausts and a further one year warranty on catalytic converters.

If you have concerns over the current performance of your exhaust or catalytic converter then just pop into our garage for a free check. We’ll be able to explain any issues we identify and provide you with a free quote. Most exhausts can be repaired or replaced the very same day unless parts are unavailable or require special order. We stock parts for hundreds of models and can have you back on the road in no time.

Your Exhaust System

Your exhaust system runs under your vehicle and starts at the engine. Fumes generated by the engine pass through the exhaust ‘manifold’ and various cylinders before exiting through the exhaust pipe.

Your exhaust pipe runs along the underside of your vehicle from the manifold to the back of your vehicle. Your exhaust system is divided into multiple components, with the catalytic converter sitting between your exhaust manifold and ‘muffler’. Your exhaust muffler resides just before the final part of your exhaust pipe and is designed to muffle the noise of your engine before the cleaned fumes escape into the air. 

Exhaust Failure 

Your exhaust system can become damaged or worn from various sources when on the road. Whether it’s from a bump or knock from an external source or corrosion caused by age and use. With so many factors affecting the health of your exhaust system, we recommend checking it every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.

You can often identify exhaust failure or damage when:

  • There are visible holes in your exhaust system
  • Your engine is much louder when you are driving
  • You can hear a knocking or rattling noise
  • There is an excessive amount of smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Your exhaust pipe hangs low or drags along the road

The above points are clear signs that there is an issue with your exhaust system. If ignored, damage to your exhaust could become greater and you may require a complete system replacement - which is far more expensive than a repair.

Your Catalytic Converter

Built into your exhaust system, your catalytic converter will ‘superheat’ excess particles in the exhaust gases emitted from your engine. Your catalytic converter is designed to keep your vehicle’s emissions lower.

You can often tell if there is an issue with your converter as:

  • Your car has little or no power
  • Your check engine light comes on (or flashes)
  • Poor fuel economy
  • A rotten smell inside and outside of your vehicle

For advice and information or to book an exhaust repair, contact us today. 

Exhaust Damage

Damaged and faulty exhaust systems will often make your vehicle perform poorly. If it becomes noisy, smoky or lowers your fuel efficiency, there’s a chance that your CO2 emissions could go above the legal limits.

The damage outlined above will more than likely lead to the failure of an MOT, which is why it’s important to get it fixed quickly. If it’s noise or something you identify during visual checks - you will often have an idea of the problem. Because your exhaust system stretches across the length of your vehicle, the problem isn’t always clear and may require an expert to identify.

With over 40 years’ experience in repairing and replacing exhausts, our experts are on hand to fix any issues you’re having. Simply call us today on 01892 520022.

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