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Car Air Conditioning in Tunbridge Wells

Approximately 10% of air conditioning gas is lost from a car air conditioning system each year – so an air conditioning recharge/refill is recommended every two years to ensure your system is always working to its full potential.

At Freeway we provide a full air conditioning service for almost all makes and models of vehicle – which includes an initial inspection, fault finding and re-gas. Unlike places that simply top-up the gas Freeway will always inspect for leaks or other faults before properly removing all the old gas prior to re-pressurising the air conditioning system with new refrigerant gas.

Why Do I Need to Have Air Conditioning Servicing Carried Out?

Regular servicing every two years is a great way to make sure that your air conditioning is working as intended whatever the weather, giving you peace of mind.

Air conditioning is not only useful in the summer, it also helps create drier and warmer air in the winter so it makes sense to maintain your air conditioning system all year round.

Not only is having an air conditioning service important for keeping you comfortable during long drives, you can also save money. If your air conditioning system’s refrigerant is low then the entire system finds it harder to cool the air and this uses more fuel.

Why is Air Conditioning Not Included in a Car Service or MOT?

Air conditioning is not included in an MOT because an MOT test is designed to ensure that your vehicle is safe for use on the road. As your air conditioning system only increases comfort when you are driving and is not involved in keeping your vehicle safe, it is not included in an MOT test.

Similarly with a car service, oil is changed and fuel filters are replaced but the air conditioning system is not serviced. Car servicing keeps your car efficient and running safely so does not include an air conditioning service.

Our air conditioning service is tailored to ensure that your air conditioning system is working effectively, making sure that you are comfortable and not too hot nor too cold when driving on your next trip.

Why Is My Air Conditioning Emitting an Odour?

The natural build up of bacteria and dirt in your air conditioning system can cause a thick musty smell to come out of the air conditioning system or vents. If you haven’t used your air conditioning for a while then you may find that mould and bacteria have grown inside the air vents which causes a very strong odour when operated.

We offer an additional air conditioning service in addition to our standard air conditioning service which aims to eliminate smells from our air conditioning system and car’s vents and replacing it with a fantastic clean fragrance.

If you suspect that your air conditioning system is smelling because of a leak, bring your vehicle into our garage immediately incase the leak causes internal damage to your vehicle.

Our air conditioning starts from £100, depending on the type of vehicle and the work required.

Arrange Your Air Conditioning Service With Freeway

Although not vital to the safety of your vehicle, your air conditioning system is still an important part of your vehicle.

Offering comfort all year round, you will definitely want to make sure that your air conditioning system is working as expected and there are no odd smells coming from the vents of your vehicle.

To find out more about our air conditioning service, call our Freeway on 01892 520022 or email us at for more information.

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