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Car Batteries Tunbridge Wells

At Freeway we stock a wide range of car batteries to fit all makes and models of cars and light commercials. Our large range means we are certain to have the correct car battery for you and can get you back on the road in no time. If we don’t happen to have the correct battery, we can usually source one within the hour.

Checking Your Car Battery

One of the biggest fears when putting your keys into the ignition is your car engine not starting. Checking that your car battery is charged makes sure that you don’t have any nasty surprises when turning on your engine.

Overtime, your car battery will lose charge and eventually even the ability to charge. Replacing your battery makes sure that your battery is brand new and protects you from the preventable event of your car engine not starting.

The Role of Your Battery

Although your car battery is probably most well known for starting your engine, your battery performs a huge role all over your vehicle. Combined with a car service, changing your car battery and making sure that your battery is in working order regularly is a hugely important way to maintain your vehicle.

When Should I Check My Battery?

If it’s been a long time since you’ve checked or battery or replaced it then it’s probably time to have your battery checked. It’s quite difficult to see if your car battery is worn down by just starting the engine.

Your headlights are usually a good indicator that your battery is worn down and needs to be replaced. If you are noticing that they are dim but are brightening when you rev the engine in neutral then this is a clear sign that the battery is failing.

Battery failure doesn’t just put you at risk of your engine starting. It can be very dangerous if your battery is failing and you are still driving your vehicle. The battery runs a whole host of features in your car so get it replaced as soon as possible if you see obvious signs of your battery failing.

How Long Will My Battery Last?

Batteries have been known to last upwards of 10 to 11 years but it would be very rare for your battery to last that long. Although your battery should last 4-5 years on average, it’s a great rule of thumb to replace your battery every 3 years.

You’d expect the issues that we discussed to appear when your battery is 4-5 years old so to keep your battery in top condition, replace it before it gets to this point.

New cars use a huge amount of complicated programmes and computer systems so naturally their batteries are going to be exerted a lot more than an older model. This may mean that your battery has to be replaced more often so it’s important to check that batteries in a new car are working correctly.

If you are ever in doubt about the condition of your battery or if your car battery needs to be replaced, visit Freeway and we are more than happy to assist you!

Why you should get your battery checked:

- Battery failure is the most common reason for breakdowns in the UK.

- Over time batteries lose their ability to charge.

As part of our commitment to providing a top class service, we only stock the best car battery brands, including: Bosch and Yuasa and our batteries have either a 2 year or 3-year warranty.

If you need a car battery and want it fitted on the same day while you wait, call us on 01892 520022.


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