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Tyres in Tunbridge Wells 

Tyres are the only thing that comes into contact with the road surface making them one of the most important components of your vehicle’s safety and performance.

When it comes to buying tyres we understand that often it isn’t a very enjoyable experience but at Freeway, we pride ourselves on offering honest and expert advice no matter what your concerns are.

Choosing the correct set of tyres for your vehicle is important is tyre choice can have a significant influence on vehicle performance. This includes breaking distances, performance in wet weather conditions, fuel economy, and the overall ride and comfort when driving.

Why buy Tyres from Freeway?

At Freeway, we offer a comprehensive range of tyres to ensure you can get the very best tyres for your budget. If your focus is on economy, performance or even comfort, our experts can give you the advice and information required to get the best tyres for your vehicle.

Our very experienced tyre technicians will fit your new tyres while you wait, so you can be back on the road in no time. All our fitters are passionate about offering the best service and take extra care of the small but important details.

We believe in high-quality products but also understand that our customers may have a limited budget so we try to offer a broad range to suit your needs. A wide range of tyres are kept in stock to ensure we have the right tyres for you. Find out about the benefits of premium tyres.

We are well known in Tunbridge Wells for stocking Original Equipment (OE) fitment tyres for Porsche, Range Rover, BMW, Audi and much more. A lot of cars are manufactured with specific tyres that work to get the best performance out of the vehicle.

We also have the full range of Michelin CrossClimates in stock –read more about the benefits of this new tyre.

Your Spare Tyre

Often overlooked, your spare tyre is a lifesaver if one of your tyres has been damaged or punctured on the road. Whether you need to make it home or take your vehicle to the nearest fitting centre - checking the quality of your spare tyre should be done as frequently as the rest of the tyres on your vehicle. 

Your spare tyre can be a full-size replacement or a temporary ‘space saver’. A space saver is much thinner than the standard tyres you use on your vehicle and is there for the intended purpose of getting you home (or to your nearest tyre fitting station). Space-saving tyres are not to be used for extended journeys and you should not exceed speeds of 50mph whilst one is fitted.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with your spare tyre, in case you need to replace it in an emergency. We recommend that you practice replacing your spare tyre so you become familiar with where your spare tyre is kept, and how to use the tyre jack & locking wheel nut key.

Always read the relevant sections of your vehicle handbook for comprehensive instructions when fitting and using your spare tyre.

How can I find out the size of my tyres?

There are two quick ways you can find out the exact size of your tyres. Your vehicle handbook will have all the information about your tyres, wheels and more. You can also check your existing tyres sidewall markings for information on width, profile, diameter, load index and speed rating.  

Additional Safety Tips

Safety is paramount when it comes to tyres and your vehicle in general. Below, you’ll find some basic safety tips for your tyres.

Ensure the pressure of your tyres are correct, and you frequently inflate your tires to the correct pressure. Low-pressure tyres are likely to wear much faster on their edges which will reduce their overall life-span. At excessively low pressures, your tyres are at much great risk of being punctured. We recommend you check your tyre pressures at least twice a month.

Get any abnormal tyre damage or wear seen to as soon as possible. If you spot any unusual wear on your tyre, get it checked. It often requires a simple fix, but by ignoring wear could result in greater damage & the need to replace the tyre.

Avoid driving on damaged tyres. If you drive your vehicle with materials stuck in the tyre tread (debris, glass or even a nail), you risk puncturing your tyre. Driving with a damaged tyre can also be extremely dangerous as it may affect your vehicles handling.

Do not drive on tyres with a tread depth of 1.6mm or less. Aside from this being illegal, tyres with below-standard tread depths will have a significantly greater breaking distance, slide on the road surface more easily, and is susceptible to blowing out. In wet or icy conditions it becomes very difficult to brake and vehicle handling is greatly reduced.

No matter how extensive your tyre knowledge is, our experienced team will explain the differences between tyres and how certain ones can benefit you.

Call us today for advice or to check stock on 01892 520022.

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