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About your exhaust system

An exhaust system is a combination of boxes and pipes that direct emissions towards to rear of the vehicle.

There are 4 main parts to an exhaust:

  • Catalytic Converter 

The catalytic converter is there to remove all the nasty and dangerous toxins within the exhaust fumes. This allows it to reduce pollution caused by the fumes and also minimises the amount of carbon monoxide that makes its way into the air.

  • Pipes

There are various pipes throughout your exhaust system that connect up with each other, allowing things to run smoothly. The tailpipe on the back of your vehicle will dispense of any of the fumes.  

  • Muffler

A muffle is designed to trap and reduce the noise coming out of the exhaust. If you choose to have an exhaust that is purposefully louder then the effects will be different. 

  • Manifold 

This part of the exhaust stops the fumes from reaching the engine and directs them towards the other components of the exhaust.

All exhausts produce six gases, three of which are toxic; nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide. A faulty exhaust can lead to the fumes being drawn into the vehicle and prolonged exposure to exhaust fumes can make a vehicle occupant feel drowsy so it is important to ensure yours is working correctly.

The police can warrant the removal of any vehicle from the roadways on the suspicion that it is producing excessive amounts of pollutant gases from the exhaust. Your vehicle will fail an MOT test if the exhaust system has a fault resulting in incorrect emissions levels being recorded.

Ideally, you should have your exhaust checked once or twice a year dependent on mileage to look for corrosion, cracks, leaking joints, broken hangers, worn rubber mountings, failed gaskets and high levels of pollutant gasses.

We offer an exhaust repair and replacement service if you require this. It is highly important to get your exhaust fixed if it is having any issues as this could be potentially dangerous due to the hazardous fumes that are produced. 

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