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Typical Tyre Damage

Easily the most common reason for premature tyre removal is impact damage or rim crush.  In fact, impact damage accounts for 21%* of all tyres being replaced before the tread has worn away through use.

Punctures account for 12.5%* of early tyre replacement and cuts in tread or sidewall account for 11%*.

*source: BTMA tyre members

Some of the other common reasons for premature tyre replacement are:

  • Sloped wear
  • Vibration
  • Rapid wear
  • Heel and toe wear
  • Under inflation / deflation damage
  • Fitting damage
  • Ageing

Bulges, lumps and cuts

Bulges in tyres can occur when the sidewall becomes damaged - which is often caused by impact from ‘kerbing’ or from pot holes in the road.

The structrual integrity of the tyre sidewall is weakened and the internal air pressure creates a visible bulge.  A lump or bulge usually indicates the tyre has been damaged internally.

If you notice a lump, bulge or cut then the tyre will more than likely need to be replaced or repaired immediately.  You may also notice cuts, rips and tears to the tyre as a result of ‘kerbing’ or pot hole damage.  If you notice any of these then you should have the tyre checked immediately.

Any cut deep enough to reach internal structure renders tyres unsafe and in need of replacement.


Sloped / One-sided wear

The primary cause of sloped tyre wear is wheel misalignment.  If your tyres are not properly aligned then one area of the tyre may wear more quickly than the rest of the tyre leading to premature tyre replacement.  Wheel alignment is often referred to as ‘tracking’. 

As you drive, a misaligned wheel is ‘pulled’ back into alignment as you travel along.  This not only causes excess tyre wear but can also use more fuel.  

This type of wear is sometimes overlooked when it is located on the inside of the tyre as it may only be on the very inner edge, with wider tyres and low vehicle making it very hard to detect.


At Freeway we offer an extensive tyre repair and replacement service at our garage in Tunbridge Wells. We understand the importance of ensuring your tyres are kept in good shape as they are the only part of your car that comes into contact with roads. The team are very experienced and equipped in dealing with most tyre issues and we will always do their best to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

If you ever have any concerns regarding your tyres, please do not hesitate to bring your car into Freeway. We offer free checks to all of our customers and will always provide constructive but factual advice. We pride ourselves in providing customers with fantastic service, each and every time they visit. 

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