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Winter Tyres 

Freeway stocks an extensive range of winter tyres from top brands including Continental, Michelin and Uniroyal – so you can keep moving whatever the weather this winter.

We also have a very popular service to store and refit your summer tyres when winter is over.

Winter tyres are made from a specialist, more durable compound than traditional road tyres, and have a different tread pattern which provides more grip in winter weather like ice, snow, slush and wet roads. In fact, tyre manufacturers recommend fitting winter tyres whenever the temperature dips below -7°C – as they offer much better performance than normal tyres.

Flip Flops in Winter?

You wouldn’t wear flip flips in winter would you?  Well your car is no different.  It’s unreasonable to expect one tyre type to provide the highest of safety levels with temperature ranges such as +30°C  to – 15°C.

Winter tyres offer improved safety and durability on compacted ice, snow, slush, frost and even wet roads. In fact, whenever the temperature dips below +7 degrees centigrade, winter tyres are recommended. 

Major tyre manufacturers recommend changing to winter tyres between the months of October and April - as the average UK temperature drops below 7 degrees centigrade. To find out more about our winter tyres, contact us today on 01892 520022.

When using winter tyres the speed rating of the winter tyre may be lower than the standard equivalent, in these cases motorists are advised to inform their insurance company of the winter tyres fitment and have a visual reference on the dash to remind the driver that a lower speed rating tyre is fitted.

How do winter tyres work?

There are 3 main differences between a standard tyre and a winter tyre:

  • Compound
  • Tread Pattern
  • Sipes

Tread Compound

At 7°C and below the tread compound in standard tyres begins to harden and loses grip.  Winter tyres however remain flexible and ‘grippy’ even at low temperatures thanks to an optimised silica compound and a high proportion of natural rubber.  A winter tyre will therefore key into the road surface and provide excellent grip, whereas the standard tyre will ride on the surface peaks.

Tread pattern

The tread pattern on a winter tyre is particularly effective on snow and slush. The snow is pressed into the wider grooves, thereby providing additional traction.


A high number of sipes create a multitude of biting edges that interlock with the wintry surface, thus guaranteeing reliable braking properties and impressive acceleration.

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